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Minister Mentor (Chinese: 内阁资政; pinyin: Nèigé zī zhèng, Malay: Menteri Mentor) is a Singapore cabinet position created in as part of a change in.
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Rajaratnam School of International Studies. Chong said he could see the change happening among his graduating students, who once sought positions in the PAP but more and more often started their own businesses and openly supported opposition parties.

It was youths - mobilizing themselves online, largely over Twitter - who played the biggest part in Singapore's tiny electoral uprising. I am also proud to be Singaporean for the very first time," Melody Chia, a year-old Singaporean living in Beijing, wrote on her blog after casting her ballot at the embassy there. Globalization also brought with it a flood of foreign workers, following Mr.

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Lee's assertion that Singapore needed to attract as much outside talent as possible to remain competitive. But the sight of outsiders snapping up desirable jobs and university placements - in addition to rising living costs and a widening gap between rich and poor- turned into a wellspring of support for the opposition. The opposition charge was led by the centre-left Workers' Party, which won 12 per cent of the vote, and six of 87 parliament seats.

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It campaigned on the slogan "towards a First World parliament," a deliberate play on the greatest achievement of Mr. While he will no longer be in cabinet, Mr. Lee retained his seat in parliament and will likely continue to have the ear of his son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, even as the latter seeks to stand fully outside his father's shadow for the first time.

The elder Mr. Lee will also remain a senior adviser to the Government Investment Corporation, a role that gives him wide influence over the economic side of Singapore's development, where his greatest achievements lie.

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But it will now be the younger Mr. Lee who will be the new face of Singapore, along with an almost completely new cabinet that he will swear in on Saturday. The Minister Mentor's retirement from cabinet was matched by that of his successor as prime minister, Goh Chok Tong who like Mr.

Lee had lingered in his own ill-defined post of "Senior Minister". Three other veteran cabinet ministers were left out of the new cabinet. Suddenly, the average age of Singapore's cabinet has dropped to 53 from The year-old Lee Hsien Loong has gone from the fresh face surrounded by elders, to the oldest and most experienced person at the table.

Minister Mentor

But many Singaporeans doubt whether the retiring Minister Mentor will really be able to stay away from the politics of a state he has spent his life constructing. He's still going to have that clout, that influence," said Chee Soon Juan, leader of the Singapore Democratic Party, who has been repeatedly jailed for his outspoken opposition to the ruling party and was barred from standing as a candidate in the election because he declared bankruptcy after being convicted of libeling Mr.

Lee and his son in a magazine interview. But to the other 60 per cent of Singaporeans, that's likely fine for now. In Mr. Lee's sterile and orderly Singapore, you couldn't spit on the streets, let alone speak your mind.

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First minister backs mentor scheme 8 March Image copyright Reuters Image caption Ms Sturgeon announced her plans at a community enterprise in Portobello First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has marked International Women's Day by launching a search for a young woman to mentor. It will be the second time Ms Sturgeon has acted as a mentor for the First Mentor initiative. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 23 will be chosen through the Young Scot organisation. Related Internet links.

Young Scot. Tribe Porty. But more often than not, your meetings will not be structured or occur more than once a month. Mentoring is something that will naturally work out well for you and your mentor. Honestly, having many of these people in your life is a good thing. In life, you will come up against different problems at different times. One big part of your community is being in a relationship with people mentors who can speak into your life and help you to solve problems.

In any one of these situations, a mentor is someone who can help you figure out what you need to do. He or she can ask questions, provide suggestions and even point you in the right direction. As you consider the problem you need to solve or the area you need to grow in, does the Lord bring to mind anyone in particular?

Is your church affiliated with a denomination or network? Depending upon the location of your church, look into joining a local meet up of pastors or starting one yourself to meet peers in similar situations.

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