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If you say that someone has a devil-may-care attitude, you mean that they seem relaxed and do not seem worried about the consequences of their actions.
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But his loss is my gain. Kingsley Amis writing as " Robert Markham " produced Colonel Sun , John Gardner wrote fourteen original novels and two novelizations, and Raymond Benson produced six original novels and three novelizations. Faulks stated that Devil May Care would be his only Bond book, saying: "One tribute, one centenary, one book", [17] adding "My contract did offer me a second go, but definitely not But I think it would be a good gig for someone to do.

Shipster said: "I was thrilled that Penguin chose me to be their Bond girl. The jacket was created by the design agency The Partners. In the UK, Devil May Care went to the top of the best-seller lists by the end of the first week's sales, having sold 44, copies in four days; this made it the fastest-selling fiction book after the Harry Potter titles.

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Writing in The Times , Peter Millar thought that "This is vintage Bond, in a very real sense"; [8] he went on to observe that the central figure was "Bond as Fleming abandoned him, shortly before his own death". Plot Bristol fashion: violent pre-credit sequence; flirtatious exchange with Moneypenny; apprehension mid-snoop; transportation to secret base; villain confessing plans; thwarting of plans; coitus. Reviewing the novel for The Guardian , Mark Lawson wrote that Faulks had made a good job of imitating Fleming, as the plot "persistently picks up whispers from the books Fleming left behind", [3] and using a style and turn of phrase that "read as if they were directly borrowed from Fleming.

Among the now 33 post-Fleming Bonds, this must surely compete only with Kingsley Amis's for the title of the best. Which is to say it's better than it could have been. It is not, however, that good.

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With Fleming's untimely death, the link was broken". The critic for the London Evening Standard observed that "for once, the claim on the cover, Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming is more than just publishers effrontery, it's a genuine strategy". There is almost no sex until the very last pages. There is almost no torture — an absolute staple of a Bond narrative — until the very last pages.

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Janet Maslin , reviewing Devil May Care for the International Herald Tribune , remarked that Faulks did not "tinker with the series' surefire recipe for success", [29] which resulted in "a serviceable madeleine for Bond nostalgists and a decent replica of past Bond escapades". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Bond portal Novels portal. The Times. The Sunday Times. The Guardian.


London Lite. Houston Chronicle. Journal of Popular Film and Television. Financial Times. Retrieved 10 April The Washington Post. The New Zealand Herald.

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Ian Fleming Publications: The Books. Ian Fleming Publications. Archived from the original on 27 December BBC News. Evening Standard. The Associated Press. In the prefatory remarks, the following is found: This is the sort of witchering, not easily defined — but, by its votaries, pretty sensibly felt, in hunting the fox. The light-hearted high-spirited stripling, when cigaring it careless to cover, with a kind of a knowing demi-devil-may-care twist of his beaver , receives in his transit a benison from every real friend of the chase he may chance to pass; and the airy, eager zeal of the youthful aspirant to rolls, tu blues, and the brush, will flush his memory with the frolic gayety of other days, and animate his mind with reflections most welcome to his heart.

Of note as well is the fact that the expression is used with the knowledge that readers understand what is meant by the author, Idiomation believes the expression reaches back at least another 2 generations, to the s. From idiomation.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. His soldiers formed a legion of devil-may-care fellows, perfectly undisciplined toward all but himself. I tell you,' said the dwarf, exulting in his project, 'that I'll be a bachelor, a devil-may-care bachelor; and I'll have my bachelor's hall at the counting-house, and at such times come near it if you dare.

There was a short silence, after which Toby Crackit, seeming to abandon as hopeless any further effort to maintain his usual devil-may-care swagger, turned to Chitling and said, View in context. He was an old grizzled sailor, whom Toby and myself had frequently seen in Nukuheva, where he lived an easy devil-may-care life in the household of Mowanna the king, going by the name of 'Jimmy'.

Bert, his handsome face bitter and devil-may-care , had tilted his chair back against the wall and was singing View in context. It by no means follows that because a man is a sexton, and constantly surrounded by the emblems of mortality, therefore he should be a morose and melancholy man; your undertakers are the merriest fellows in the world; and I once had the honour of being on intimate terms with a mute, who in private life, and off duty, was as comical and jocose a little fellow as ever chirped out a devil-may-care song, without a hitch in his memory, or drained off a good stiff glass without stopping for breath.